flooded with all this pain
knowing i'll never hold you like i did
before the storm
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date:Saturday, November 21, 2009
time:3:01 PM
title: So there's this movie I watched last night.

It was entitled NEW MOON! Of course, It's not hard to guess. Duh. We, twihards have been waiting for this about a year now after we watched Twilight, so we have reached are goal!

So I watched the movie on its first screening day which is Friday, November 20. I wouldn't want to delay watching this much anticipated movie. I reserved tickets last last Wednesday. Ah! It was awesome! I watched the 7:35 PM screening in Cinema 5 of Gateway Cineplex. haha. Simple deets. And boy is the movie theater crowded! How's that for a first day? :)

It's a worldwide hit so I just don't need to explain the plot, really.

It was a Jacob movie as I expected. But thankfully Edward had lots of scenes too. Doesn't contradict to the book really, it was all real and fantastic. So much fantasy in it. And the new director really pushed it to a whole new level. It was great. Twilight was much like an indie film but New Moon is so extravagant and awesome.

Of course the peeps on our movie theater screamed on scenes like, topless Jacob or chummy chummy Edward and Bella. Ah. I wanted to concentrate! But it was OK, tho.

Back to the movie! There are lots of memorable scenes and my gawd am I gonna download the movie on my iPod ASAP. The Volturri part was awesome. Dakota Fanning had a small role but whatever. :))

Edward and Bella are still the Romeo and Juliet of our time! And Stephenie Meyer is still the William Shakespeare of our time! Ha. Okay! Guys! Just watch the movie to find out the rest for yourselves.

The ending will really keep you want more! As in, it was an awesome ending and now I can't wait for more, particularly, ECLIPSE! It will be airing in US on June 30, 2010, the day of my birthday. Hopefully God would answer my prayers and air it on my birthday here in the Philippines too. Ack! I'm overly excited!

So I guess I'll see you all in the movie theaters next year to watch ECLIPSE! Bye twihards!

Back to the top, dear.<3

date:Sunday, September 20, 2009
time:9:49 AM
title: The touch of your hands says you'll catch me, whenever I fall..
I'm gonna post about EXAMS later this day or tomorrow.
Right now the focus on this post is one of 1C's unforgettable days ever. It was our reach out yesterday.

So I arrived 11:30 am at school. I saw Juan Miguel, Peter and Cedrick on my way to the entrance of our alma mater. They were going to eat lunch. teehee. Inside I saw Jany Lou, Aenna and Oscar leaving the campus to eat lunch. I went with them. Here are some pics to prove it.
The three boys were going to eat; Peter, JM and Cedrick. We didn't caught up with them. They left us. It was such a pity that Rowan wasn't able to come to our reach out. It was incomplete.

Aenna is definitely a photo freak. hehe. :) We were like walking and she's posing every step we make. :)))

Us at McDonald's. I wasn't able to snap a pic of myself because I take their pic. :)

After we ate at McDo, We came back to our freakin' school. Jeeana and Jemimah told us Yetzak (former 6B classmate) was there. T'was because his sister was playing volleyball. Uh. It was like a reunion! It was crazy! For him, it was kinda awkward but for us it was happy to see him again because in a way he became a part of our lives(especially JEMIMAH'S life <3)

Then it was time to leave for the Home for the Aged and make some elders happy for a short while.

We chose our busmates. Mine were: Jeeana, Katherine, Jemimah, Jason, Don James, Jerico, Peter, Oscar, Jany Lou, Aenna, Malit, Juan Miguel, Cedrick and Joseph. Since we are the naughtiest 1C students, we chose our bus. It was a airconditioned van. Yey! The others on school buses. :)))
haha. Don James is looking at the cam. :DD

In the bus we really had fun. Peter joked about a blind jeepney driver without passengers, We laughed when we saw Malit's pictures on his iPod, munched and spotted all those awesome statues and PINK stuff in Marikina. It was surely a great way to spend a long car trip.

So we arrived at Boystown's Home for the Aged first. We were late about less than an hour and I think we made those elders bored. Since the two buses still didn't arrive, we got to roam around the area introduce ourselves to the elders and vice versa. It was awesome to have an interaction with them.

After half an hour the two buses showed up. It was time for our program to begin.

We had group songs, games and interaction with the elders. They even showed us their talents when they sang and danced the dance they dance at the place. :) It was very heartwarming.

After an hour we had to leave. For once in our lives we made a difference by making other people happy in our own small ways. (Hey reader, ehy not make someone happy today?)

So in the bus that will be arriving to school we ate and ate and saw those statues again and we laughed at some lines like, "Nag-aayos ng tubo, tubero.." when we saw those awesome statues including a tricyle driver on a tricycle statue. Nice. We were about to leave Marikina when Peter said, "Thank you Marikina for your pinkness and shoe-iness" (Marikina is known for their handmade shoes and the largest shoe in the world)

Then we arrived at school... first again. We played tag on the covered court and perspired. :) Then adviser dismissed us.

Me, Jany Lou, Oscar, Katherine, Jeeana, Cedrick, Peter and Juan Miguel went to 711 for a quick drink fix. We bought slurpees and got our tongues blue. Then we went our separate ways to go home. :)

It was an amazing day that nobody can ever forget. :)

Back to the top, dear.<3

date:Sunday, September 6, 2009
time:12:21 PM
title: Trying times..
OKAYYY! So I told you about our exams!
Urgh! Here's my sched:

September 14, 2009:

September 15, 2009:


September 16, 2009:

Pretty please! Gawd I need guidance! I have to ace the tests! I'll be burning the pompoms this week and study and study and maybe make reviewers! They're so helpful. MATH on the 1st day! HS sucks. :)

Back to the top, dear.<3

date:Saturday, September 5, 2009
time:8:55 PM
title: Photo blog.
Yo everyone. I just started my very own TUMBLR photo blog. Please support me by following me. :)

Take a look:


Please do follow me. xoxo. :)

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time:4:54 PM
title: Twelve or thirteen?
Look at this guys!!! JUST LOOK OUT AS THERE HEADS TURN. :) Are there 12 or 13 men in the picture? How does it work.. Saw this from a site.. :DD

Go and figure it out for yourselves because me myself don't know how many. :) LOL.:)

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